The A154 is a 15 inch paper cone with corrugated surround field-coil woofer based on the Jim Lansing's 150-4C used in famous loudspeakers like the C30 and C31. The stiff and unique paper cone with its double half roll is characteristic and unparalleled. JBL also built the professional successor K145 with a similar paper cone and a stronger magnetic circuit than the 150-4 and 150-4C but these speakers aren't available for years any more. The main difference was the magnetic structure and the vented pole piece. The voice coil is underhung. The former Kilimanjaro-Series model was named A150WVL.


High flux density, 100 mm edge wound voice coil on Nomex ® former. Maximum linearity. The double half roll paper cone is treated. The movement group completely weighs about 65 grams. 


Frequency response = 30 – 2,500 Hz
Power handling = 100 Watt
Impedance = 8 or 16 Ohm
Diaphragm = straight paper driven by a 100 mm diameter voice coil
Flux density = 12,000 Gauss @ 9 V - 3.5 A
Net weight = 15.5 kG
Diameter = 388 mm
Mounting hole diameter = 369 mm (4)

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